Expunction / Non-Disclosure

Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged

Expunctions, Expungements, Non-DisclosuresTexas law provides that if you have been charged and/or arrested for a crime that has been dismissed, you may be entitled to an expunction / expungement of that criminal record. A successful expunction will require all records of your charge and/or arrest to be destroyed, and you will be legally entitled once the expunction has been granted to deny that you were ever charged or arrested for that offense.

Attorney David E. Houston is experienced in expunctions / expungements and will fight to help you clear your record.

If you have been placed on a deferred adjudication probation and successfully completed it, you may be entitled to file a suit for non-disclosure. Even though a non-disclosure does not erase the deferred adjudication probation from your record, a non-disclosure has the effect of keeping the fact that you were placed on a deferred adjudication probation from appearing on an employer's background check.

Texas law has recently changed, and now in some cases, you may be able to receive an order of non-disclosure even if you were convicted and spent time in jail. Attorney David E. Houston will use his years of experience help you with a non-disclosure.

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