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Cleburne Attorney David E. HoustonCleburne Attorney David E. Houston provides you with a FREE one-half hour initial consultation. Johnson County Attorney David E. Houston views the initial consultation as a chance to determine the facts of your case and to utilize Attorney David E. Houston's experience and expertise to determine how best to proceed to get you the results you deserve.

With his over three decades in legal experience, Attorney David E. Houston has found the greatest success in a low pressure consultation environment that allows Attorney David E. Houston to provide you with the advice you need to make your best decisions concerning your case.

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Knowing your options and potential outcomes of your decisions will help you reduce your stress and worry as you move forward with your case. At David E. Houston, Attorney at Law, we understand that often time may be limited and that you may need to see an attorney as soon as possible.

To help you obtain your goals and receive prompt service, we offer after hours consultations by appointment. Contact David E. Houston, Attorney at Law, and we will arrange a consultation that fits both your schedule and ours as soon as possible. 

Family Law

Have you separated from your spouse? Are you having trouble seeing your children? Do you need to raise or lower child support? Attorney David E. Houston has spent years helping people resolve family law issues like getting a divorce in Johnson County, Texas, as well and other issues, such as enforcement, adoptions, Attorney General cases, and other family law matters. David E. Houston, Attorney at Law also represents individuals in drafting wills, powers of attorney, guardianships, and other probate matters.

Criminal Defense

Are you facing criminal charges in Johnson County, Texas? Attorney David E. Houston has extensive experience in criminal law, making him uniquely qualified to represent you in your case.  Whether your case is a felony or misdemeanor, and no matter what the charge, Johnson County lawyer David E. Houston will use his experience to fight for your best interests.

Juvenile Law

Often even the best children make mistakes and poor decisions. Sometimes children are falsely accused of committing a crime, just like adults. If your child has a juvenile law problem, Johnson County attorney David E. Houston can advise you of the differences in adult and juvenile law and will fight for your child's rights.

Expungement / Expunction / Non-Disclosure

If you have a criminal charge that has been dismissed, David E. Houston, Attorney at Law, has the knowledge to get that criminal charge expunged from your record. Even if you do not qualify for an expunction, Cleburne lawyer David E. Houston may be able to help you obtain an order of non-disclosure to prevent others from obtaining your record.

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Attorney David E. Houston represents plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of substantive areas to include criminal defense, family law, and wills and probate law. He will work with you to protect your rights. You can be confident knowing that he will do everything that he can to develop a solid legal strategy on your behalf.

Attorney David E. Houston works closely with each of our clients throughout every step of the legal process and will provide straightforward, quality guidance in complicated legal situations and use of his considerable courtroom experience to find solutions quickly. It is Cleburne Attorney David E. Houston's philosophy that ongoing client communication is the key to good working relationships and successful advocacy.

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