Aggressive Defense Counsel
At David E. Houston, Attorney at Law, we are committed to protecting your freedom, record, and rights. We believe that every individual accused of a crime has a right to aggressive defense counsel and all of the protections that our criminal justice system has to offer. Attorney David E. Houston offers a full-service criminal defense practice, including the representation of adults and juveniles across North Texas in cases ranging from misdemeanors to murder charges. Areas of Criminal Defense Marijuana Charges Possession of Controlled Substance Charges Assault / Family Violence Charges DUI / DWI Arrests Boating While Intoxicated (BUI / BWI)... Read The Rest
Handling the Full Range of Family Law Matters
Attorney David E. Houston is well versed in all areas of divorce and family law and he takes pride in his commitment to the clients’ needs and in his efforts to empower clients going through the difficulties associated with divorce and custody litigation. Whether you need a lawyer to inform you of your rights so you can reach a quick settlement in your case, or an attorney to forcefully fight for your rights, Attorney David E. Houston will aggressively pursue your goals. Attorney David E. Houston is here to respond to your needs and help you seek the outcome you... Read The Rest
Guiding You Through the Probate Process
The loss of a loved one is a time of hardship. With the guidance of experienced probate Attorney David E. Houston, you'll get the help you need through this tough process. Many people put off estate planning, making a will, or doing any type of end-of-life legal preparation. Most commonly it is because they don’t want to think about end-of-life issues, they think it will be a difficult or uncomfortable process, or they think they are too young to worry about this type of thing. Get Started Now! The truth is, you are never too young, and when you work... Read The Rest
Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged
Texas law provides that if you have been charged and/or arrested for a crime that has been dismissed, you may be entitled to an expunction / expungement of that criminal record. A successful expunction will require all records of your charge and/or arrest to be destroyed, and you will be legally entitled once the expunction has been granted to deny that you were ever charged or arrested for that offense. Attorney David E. Houston is experienced in expunctions / expungements and will fight to help you clear your record. If you have been placed on a deferred adjudication probation and... Read The Rest
Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorney
Often even the best children make mistakes and poor decisions. Sometimes children are falsely accused of committing a crime, just like adults. If your child has a juvenile law problem, Johnson County Attorney David E. Houston can advise you of the differences in adult and juvenile law and will fight for your child's rights. Children’s criminal cases are handled differently than those of adults. The criminal courts have long recognized that children’s developing minds are not able to comprehend their actions and understand consequences in the same manner as an adult’s mature brain. Juvenile offenders therefore warrant a unique approach... Read The Rest

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