At what point should I contact an attorney?

You really should turn to an attorney immediately after you are arrested or even become a suspect in a crime. When you are arrested and officers begin questioning you in regards to the allegations, they are able to bend the truth and try to push you into saying something that can be used against you. Having an attorney will mean that your rights are being protected by a professional with practical experience in this area of the law.

Your attorney can be there during the arraignment to determine how you will plead. They can start investigating the charges against you and find any areas that can work to you benefit, such as evidence that was wrongfully obtained or a lack of evidence. An attorney will be able to handle all aspects of a case, from negotiating with the prosecution, to arguing the case in court if it is the way that will get you the best results. Contact Cleburne Criminal Defense Attorney David E. Houston for a free evaluation of your case.

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